Major Issues of the european Space – Helena Pina, Helder Marques, Conceicao Ramos, Paula Remoaldo

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In Europe, which is such a heterogeneous but also multifaceted region full of potential, inequality has been increasing and severe problems persist, giving rise to a generalised crisis, spanning all sectors of society. In order to revitalise the European territory, within a framework that promotes constructive change, it is vital to analyse all the dynamics capable of triggering such revitalisation and to implement structuring, innovative and sustainable strategies, which mitigate the problems and enhance this region. Within this context and facing the current critical context of the European region, it becomes urgent to draw the attention of the scientific community to such scenarios, as well as the civil society sector, capable of intervening in the management and planning of the territory. It is within this framework that the present publication is edited, focusing on the European region and rethinking territorial and spatial policies at different scales and in multiple perspectives – geographical, historical, environmental, economic, social and cultural.


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